Municipal Elections – Me and My Themes

Liisa Kuparinen - nro 327
Liisa Kuparinen – number 327, Greens

Hi there! I’m happy to get the chance to introduce myself to you. I am 34 years old User Experience designer and researcher, usability specialist and part-time entrepreneur. I have PhD from information systems science (economics).

I live with my partner and my two former stray dogs in Äijälänranta, Kuokkala. I have lived in Jyväskylä since 2001 and am very committed to the beautiful city. Our home is especially designed for dogs with dog-friendly mindset as dogs mean a world to us.

If you vote me to be your representative, you will get a listening and fact-oriented representative. I want to boost equality of all people, enhance the possibilities of everyone to be part of the society, improve people’s wellbeing and of course: protect the nature, environment and animal welfare.

Currently, I have quite a few positions of trust. I am part of the Finland’s Green party’s executive board as a deputy member of it, member of the Green party’s political animal working group and member of the board of Middle Finland’s Green women. Besides these political posts, I have been elected to positions of trust in Jyväskylä church. I act also in the fields of residential associations, folk high school and labor union.

Themes – what is important to me in municipal elections

  • Equal services to all
    • accessible, high-quality health care
    • libraries
    • seeing people and humanity as a value and an opportunity, never as a burden
    • free for all hiking tracks
  • Smart and fair business policy
    • services for entrepreneurship
    • active discussions of bringing or starting new companies to/in Jyväskylä
    • fair recruitment consultancy services
  • Animal-friendliness
    • quality needs to be an important factor in the services for animals
    • adequate animal welfare inspections
    • favoring local production facilities when buying food for city’s own food services
    • supporting also dog-sports and services for dogs and dog-owners
  • Protecting environment
    • more good quality vegetarian food in Jyväskylä’s own food services
    • taking care of the cycling routes
    • improving the consultancy in waste issues
    • adding more collection stations for plastic waste
    • developing public transportation
    • maintaining local forest areas
    • ensuring that the coming biogas stations are implemented and maintained from user-friendly prespective
  • Reasonable housing costs
    • keeping the storm water fees reasonable
    • emphasis on the currently very high water charges should be in the use, not in the base charges
    • compensation of the paid rental fees when the resident wants to buy the land s/he’s having his/her house on
  • Smart technology
    • usability needs to have higher emphasis when new information systems are bought
    • street lighting and other urban technology needs to be used and developed with intelligent, adaptive solutions also in the future
    • Let’s support providing open data also in future
  • Taking care of children and families
    • daycare is a right of a children, it needs to be accessible for everyone without any or with minimal costs
    • support and help for families needs to be available when needed
    • the amount of children per employee in daycare and in schools must be kept reasonable
    • having the possibility for a child to have a hobby must not be dependent of the salary level of his/her parents